StraboTools FAQ

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About StraboTools

What does StraboTools do?

StraboTools is an app designed to aid geologic field work. It contains two main tools: Edge Fabric and Color Index. Edge Fabric analyzes an image and presents an ellipse that summarizes the orientations of image gradients. It is adept at pickup up preferred orientations. The aspect ratio of the ellipse is a measure of the strength of the fabric. Color Index is used to determine the area proportion of any image element that can be isolated on the basis of its grayscale value–dark minerals in a granite, white feldspars in a volcanic rocks, etc.

What does an Edge Fabric Ellipse show?

The EFE is a graphical representation of the orientation of image gradients (typically particle edges). Its long axis is oriented parallel to the predominant direction. For deformation of randomly oriented passive markers the EFE tracks the strain ellipse and should be equivalent to it.